• What does this retreat offer?

    Inspiration to get out and look at nature in a different way; an invitation to your inner child to pause and create; deep breathing exercises; a relaxing meditation; a demonstration of the curious science behind happiness; a method to understand what lifts your energy and what sucks it away; a way to preserve mental energy; an introduction to some of natures’ winter offerings; an immune boosting syrup recipe; a series of expressive writing prompts to help get pen to paper; two poems to enjoy and use to spark more writing

  • How does the retreat work?

    Explore the retreat at your own pace, on or off screen. Each of the four modules comprises a short video and written text, inviting you to try some of the demonstrated activities, practices and ways of thinking. Take a whole day out, or weave it into your freetime as you please, the choice is yours - there is no right or wrong way to do this, there is only YOUR way! Once you've purchased the course you will maintain access until the end of the winter (1st March 2021).

  • What do I get when I sign up?

    The programme includes 4 videos and 4 pdf documents (see curriculum below), signposts to further resources which will enable you to explore some of the practices deeper, some winter tips for your mental wellbeing, and as a bonus – special exclusive offers such as discounts off products/future workshops/events!

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    4 Part Day Retreat INTRO

    • Welcome

    • Part 1 - Mindfully Finding Joy

    • Part 2 - Cultivating Mental Energy

    • Part 3 - Boosting Immunity With a Wintry Offering from Nature

    • Part 4 - Writing for Connection with Fi Bailey

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